Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Weekly Update...

Theme: The Prophets of Allah
The Prophets we talked about were: Noah, Ibrahim, Moses, Yunus and Mohammed Peace and blessings of Allah be upon them.


-  Made the letter L craft (L is for lemon, L is for leaf).
-  Learned the name, sound and action of the letter M.
-  Traced and wrote the letter M in upper and lower cases in student’s personal journal.
-  Reviewed sight words (a, to, the, I, you, and).

-      Tr. Salam finished teaching the letter س. Students learned how to pronounce, trace and write the letter.
-      Students are learning new Arabic nasheeds about the Alphabets and the weather.

-      Tr. Said finished teaching the letter H.
-      Students practice saying the class rules, answering simple questions and singing songs in French.
-      Some French educational DVD’s have been shown to students.


-      Students started memorizing surat Quraish with Tr. Hoda.

-         Learned, counted and traced number 9 in student’s personal journal.
-         Started February’s Calendar patterns.
-         Noah’s Ark (displayed on bulletin board).

-         Practiced many movements using hula-hoops, cones and exercise mats. 

Dates to remember:

February 14: Report cards are sent home.
February 15: PDD (No school for students).
February 18: Statutory Holiday (No School for students).
February 22: Student’s Led Conference (Early dismissal for students).