Tuesday 30 October 2012

Eid Al Adha feild trip to Cosmic Adventure

Today's feild trip to Cosmic Adventure was very exciting and fun!

Students had a great time singing on the bus, playing together and enjoying the company of JK2, SK and Grade 4's classes.

Jazakumu Allahu Khyran to all teachers, teacher assisstants and parent volunteers for being very carful and watchful with our dear students. It was a successful day Alhamdulilah.
Pictures will be sent by e-mail to all parents soon Insha'Allah.

Thursday 25 October 2012

Eid Mubarak to our dear students and parents.
 May Allah accept all your good deeds Insha'Allah.

Monday 22 October 2012

Hajj Theme and Workshop

We started talking about Hajj and the importance of it last week through many stories about the kabaa, zamzam water and other Manasik of hajj.

Students did 7 rounds around the cardboard kabaa they painted themselves before we hung it on the bulletin board.

They sang the hajj song. (Check the link below)


Tomorrow Insha'Allah students will go to the hajj workshop held in the school's gym. So, If you can send a hijab/abaya with the girls and a white towel/ Thoub with the boys that would be great!

We will continue talking about hajj till Wednesday. 

On Thursday, we will talk about Eid Insha'Allah. 

Jazakumu Allahu Khyran!

Sunday 21 October 2012


This is the second theme in Fire Flies curriculum for the month of October. 
We finished talking about farm animals and babies last Friday Walhamdulilah!

Students experienced :

  • listening to animal stories.
  • role playing.
  • singing farm animal songs.
  • knowing the sounds of farm animals.
  • making farm animal crafts. (remember the sheep and the owl?)
  • matching the baby animal to its mom on the board.
We will be talking about farm animals in more details in May, because we are planning on taking the students on a feild trip to the farm Insha'Allha.
Mischievous Mice

That was the theme of the first week of October form the new Fireflies curriculum.

Students had fun :

  • knowing about mice. (what they eat? where they live? how they sound?)
  • playing mice games in the gym.
  • singing mice songs.
  • making mice crafts (Remember the crown and the stuffed mouse?)
  • solving mice puzzles.
It was so much fun learinng about mice!

 We are now using a new Junior Kindergarten curriculum. The curriculum is called the Fire Flies and it's from the Funshine Express Company Funshineexpress.com.  Alhamdulillah the curriculum covers many areas in the children’s overall development.

Below are the program’s guiding principles and goals taken from the curriculum guide book:

Program’s Guiding Principles:
Research shows that children learn by doing and they need many opportunities to explore and grow. This curriculum activities foster creativity and promote emotional, cognitive, social, language and physical development. Appropriate activities build self-esteem and enthusiasm for learning.

Program Goals
-          The curriculum will be based on current research and sound educational theories of early childhood learning and development.
-          We will provide a wide range of hands-on, interactive materials allowing children to experiment and explore their surroundings.
-          The activity and project suggestions provided in our kits are aligned with specific learning goals and objectives.
-          The program will encourage involvement of family members in each child’s learning.

Tuesday 16 October 2012

Come on in,
The water's fine.
I'll give you
Until I count to nine.
If you're not
In by then,
Guess I'll have to
Count to ten.

It is going to be a great experience for our dear JK students to participate in the swimming program!

We are starting our first session next Tuesday Oct. 23rd Insha'Allah.

We need a minimum of 4 volunteers (preferably females).

A hard copy of the volunteer form will be sent tomorrow (Oct. 17th 2012).
Assalamu Alikum 

Below are some updates on what students have learnt in Arabic class with 

Tr. Salam is done teaching the letters "Alif  أ " "Baa ب"  and "Taa ت" through the following:

1- Telling a story about each letter.
2- Pronouncing the letters correctly.
3- Using new words that start with the mentioned letters.
4- Tracing the letters and coloring them.
5- Singing a nasheed for every letter.

Students were also taught how to say Assalamu Alikuma and how to respond back, repeating and memorizing the Nasheed هل تعلمون تحيتي؟ "Greetings".

Tr. Salam feels very happy when she sees how excited JK students are to participate and learn the Arabic Language.

May Allah make your children good and rightous Insh'Allah.

Thursday 11 October 2012

Fire Drill

JK students did great at practicing what to do during a fire drill

We told them what to do in the event of a real fire. The instructions given to them were; 

- Our fire location exit is exit #6
-When alarm sounds, everyone exits the building as they are, taking nothing with them
 -Face away from the building where the emergency is occurring
-Be ready to listen to instructions (i.e. do not cover ears)
-Last person out of the class must close the classroom door
-Get to the classroom’s designated spot as quickly as possible
-A quiet straight line must be formed in order to hear the roll being called and/or further instructions
Likes and Dislikes Presentations

We are wrapping up our current theme “All about me” with a homework project. I am asking you to help your child arrange a few drawings, items, photographs, or magazine pictures that depict your child’s interests.  Please help your child attach the pictures or photos within the small Bristol board provided. It is important to encourage active participation from your child in getting the poster ready. This activity will provide the children with the opportunity to discover common interests with new classmates. It also provides the children with the opportunity to recognize that all people have likes and dislikes and that people are alike and different in many ways. 
Through the following weeks, each child will have the opportunity to share their poster with the class. During this time, I will be encouraging the children to verbally say their first and last name, name their likes and dislikes and ask their classmates if they have any questions for them.
We will begin sharing our presentations on October 15th Insha’Allah. Please note that show and tell will go on simultaneously with the “All about me” presentations.  I appreciate your help and cooperation.

Wednesday 10 October 2012

 This is my hand,
My hand will do
A 1000 loving things for you.
And you will remember
When I am tall
    That once my hand
    Was just this small.

JK1 art work for  "All about me" theme

                          Assalamu Alikum!


It is my pleasure to welcome you to our new JK1 blog that I will be updating regularly. Insha'Allah you find it helpful and keeps you informed of what students are doing in class.