Sunday 7 April 2013

Latest Updates

(Changing Weather)
Spring presentations are taking place during the last two weeks of April. Please check the presentation schedule that was sent home last Friday.

We covered the letters 'q' and 'r'.
Every week students learn a new letter and below is how we cover it:
First day: We tell a story about the letter, relate the letter to Islam, think of a country that starts with the letter, think of words that start with the letter, think of what is the sound of the letter in Arabic, sound out 3 letter words that start with the letter, learn the sound of the letter with the action and finally shape the letter either with play dough, bingo marker, lacing...etc.
Second day: students practice tracing the upper case letter on the board and then they write it on their journals.
Third day: Students practice tracing the lower case letter on the board and then they write it on their journals.
Fourth day: Students make a craft for the letter and we usually place it on our bulletin board. 
P.S. Letters that are written in the same manner in upper and lower cases will be traced and written on the same day i.e. the letters S, T, U etc... 

-Students practice counting the numbers on the calender everyday. We practice counting backwards as well.
- Students try to give estimates to find out the number of some objects in class. 
- Shapes book will be done after spring presentations.
- We learned how to trace and write the number 13 and sing while tracing. Ask your child about number 13 song.

Ask your child to tell you at least 4 things that happen in spring? How does the weather change? 
-Since we have been talking about spring, students experienced brisk wind and heavy wind in class by putting some light and heavy objects in front of a fan and see which ones fly by wind and which ones don't.
-Students experimented taking a yarn outdoor to see which way the wind is moving. We helped students tie yarn pieces on the branches of the tree!
- Students learned about habitat and worked together to cut and paste animals matching them to their homes. 

- Students made crafts for the letters r and q.
- Students made the weather craft (rainy, cloudy, sunny, snowy days). Placed on bulletin board.
- Students worked as a group to make a big poster for spring that is placed on our JK1 door.

Please remember me, teacher Najwa and teacher Noura in your duaa's.
Jazakum Allahu Khyran