Thursday 11 October 2012

Likes and Dislikes Presentations

We are wrapping up our current theme “All about me” with a homework project. I am asking you to help your child arrange a few drawings, items, photographs, or magazine pictures that depict your child’s interests.  Please help your child attach the pictures or photos within the small Bristol board provided. It is important to encourage active participation from your child in getting the poster ready. This activity will provide the children with the opportunity to discover common interests with new classmates. It also provides the children with the opportunity to recognize that all people have likes and dislikes and that people are alike and different in many ways. 
Through the following weeks, each child will have the opportunity to share their poster with the class. During this time, I will be encouraging the children to verbally say their first and last name, name their likes and dislikes and ask their classmates if they have any questions for them.
We will begin sharing our presentations on October 15th Insha’Allah. Please note that show and tell will go on simultaneously with the “All about me” presentations.  I appreciate your help and cooperation.