Tuesday 16 October 2012

Assalamu Alikum 

Below are some updates on what students have learnt in Arabic class with 

Tr. Salam is done teaching the letters "Alif  أ " "Baa ب"  and "Taa ت" through the following:

1- Telling a story about each letter.
2- Pronouncing the letters correctly.
3- Using new words that start with the mentioned letters.
4- Tracing the letters and coloring them.
5- Singing a nasheed for every letter.

Students were also taught how to say Assalamu Alikuma and how to respond back, repeating and memorizing the Nasheed هل تعلمون تحيتي؟ "Greetings".

Tr. Salam feels very happy when she sees how excited JK students are to participate and learn the Arabic Language.

May Allah make your children good and rightous Insh'Allah.