Monday 10 December 2012

Weekly Update….

December 3- December 7

Theme of the week: Getting Colder 

Morning Discussion:
-          How to warm yourself during cold weather?
-          Some stories have been read to our students.
-          Special thanks to Dr. Aisha Shirazi and sister Madleen for putting the time and effort to come and read for our dear students as well as leading an activity.

Language Arts:
-          We introduced the letter “Gg” through acting a story, activity sheets, playdough, sign language symbol, tracing/writing and songs.
-     Students started working on thier second personal journal. First personal journal will be sent home soon, Insha’Allah.

We covered the following:
-          Shape patterns.
-          Counting 1-30.
-          Counting 1-10 backwards.
-          Still working on weather graph.
-          Still working on making estimates.
-      Count and trace number 4.

-          We did the sinking and floating experiment in the science lab.

-          Lady bug under cover craft was sent home.
-     Students got the chance to paint on bristle boards using different materials and tools to get different shades, effects and prints using different colors. Jazaha Allahu Khyran sister Madleen for putting the time, effort and materials to help making this art work a successful one!
-     The picture below shows the end project.

-       Please remember to check the lost and found box placed on top of the boy’s cubbies.
-       Thursday December 19: Field Trip to the Canadian Museum of Nature.