Thursday 6 October 2016

class updates

In reading and writing,
  • Literacy is introduced in class through many different ways: we read books, tell oral or felt stories, play games, sing songs… and much more.
  • We learned the letters A, B and C in both upper and lower cases. More emphasis is placed on the sound of the letters. This is done through the aid of signs and hand movements.
  • We are working on soft motor skill development. The children play with play dough, lace beads or play with manipulative to increase their hand and eye coordination and hand dexterity.
  • We are learning to cut on straight lines.

In Quran
 Tr. Sahar is teaching the class surat Al-Fatiha and Al Qaida An-Noraniya.
You can help your child by playing the surah for him/her to listen to at home.

In Islamic Studies
We are having discussions in class about “Allah the Creator” and saying “Assalamu Alaikum”

In Math
We are learning to orally count from 1-10.
We started patterning in our daily calendar.

We are focusing on activities that use large muscles such as running skipping etc, and following directions.
We played many games in the gym but Mr. Wolf seems to be the most popular by all the children.

Star of The week
Rahma, Layla and Adem are the most recent stars of the week.  Congratulations stars!!