Tuesday 25 October 2016

Show &Tell

What is Show and Tell?
Show &Tell is a well-liked activity in kindergarten. Your child will bring an object from home and tell the class about the object. Your child is encouraged to say at least three things about the object.

Why Show and Tell?
This activity will help the children’s social skills, oral and visual communication skills, focus and attention span and it will be a good practice for an upcoming project insha’Allah!

When is my child's Show and Tell day?
Each child will have one day in the week every week for Show & Tell and that will be his/her day until the end of the school year (e.g. Fatima's Show and Tell day is every Friday).

How do I help my child?
Remind your child to get the show and tell item ready the evening before. If it's OK with your child, get him/her to do the Show and Tell for you as practise.

What does my child need to bring for Show and Tell?
Toys are very popular. Your child can also bring in special items such as his/her baby clothes, family/special trip pictures, cultural items, sport equipment(skates, martial arts belt/outfit.... basically, anything that will get your child to talk enthusiastically!