Friday 18 November 2016

Latest Updates

Here are key points we covered lately:
  • We continued to talk about Allah (swt) the creator and his blessings upon us;
  • Allah (swt) made every single one of us so special in his/her own way;
  • we talked about our families and that they are one of Allah's blessings on us - especially moms and dads;
  • making dua and asking Allah for anything at anytime;
  • We discussed the school's monthly theme of cleanliness.
These concepts are introduced to the children through discussions at circle time, story books, arts and crafts and through songs and nasheeds.

In Quran,

  • we learned four Surats: Alfatiha, Al-Ikhlass, and we're are still learning Al-Falaq
In Math,
  • we learned numbers up to 5 with one-to-one correspondence. We also worked on sorting using different attributes
In Language Arts,
  • we learned letter G the sound it makes and we came up with words that start with the letter
  • we are trying to identify rhyming in story books
In science,
  • four food groups and eating healthy food
  • we talk about our sense and what we do with them
In Arabic,

  • the children learned the letters ج ح خ د)) and new words that start with each of these letters. They sang nasheeds in Arabic made crafts and traced and coloured in their Arabic books.