Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Goodbye Dear JK1 Students :-(

ABC Farewell

Author Unknown

A is for the alphabet that we learned to say.

B is for boys and girls at work and at play.

C is for colors—red, yellow, blue, and green.

D is for drawing the best pictures you’ve ever seen.

E is for exercise—it keeps our bodies strong.

F is for the fun we had together all year long.

G is for the many friends we made throughout the year.

H is for happy hearts, filled with love and cheer.

I is for imagination and all the things we learned.

J is for a job well done and the praises we earned.

K is for kindergartners—hip, hip hooray!

L is for learning more and more each day.

M is for minding and showing everyone respect.

N is for numbers—one, two, three—perfect!

O is for the obstacles we learned to overcome.

P is for puppets and for playing rhythms on a drum.

Q is for all the questions we asked throughout the year.

R is for reading stories, even those that brought a tear.

S is for all the snacks that we so bravely tried.

T is for taking and giving—no one was denied.

U is for some of the unusual things we have done.

V is for our volunteers—moms, dads, and everyone!

W is for words—we learned more than just a few.

X is for extra special kids—him, her, and you.

Y is for yes—it sure has been a super year!

Z is for zest—let’s give ourselves a great big cheer!