Thursday 8 November 2012

Weekly update....

Our theme this week was “Bookworms on the go”.  It covered almost everything related to reading. And that was reflected in all subjects:  

Circle time discussions:
-          -We answered some questions like: What is a bookworm? What would you like to read about? What words author and illustrator mean? Who writes books? What can we read other than books?
-         -We talked about what is written on the front page of the book, the parts of the book (cover, pages and spine), and the ways to take care of books and how reading needs patience.
-          -We talked about some famous authors like Dr. Seuss and Eric Carle.
-          -We read different books  like “the very Hungry Caterpillar” , “ the Grouchy Ladybug”,  “ Lola in the Library”, “ The Very busy spider”, “ Something from Nothing”,  “Pirates go to school”, “Camila”, “ The best of all” and other books.
-          -We were pleased to have 2 mom volunteers that came in the morning and read stories for us!
-          -Tr. Nancy, Jazaha Allahu Khyran, helped us cover the same elements of our theme during our library period.

-          -Masha’Allah JK1 students are doing amazing memorizing Suratul Fatiha, Annas and the first 5 Ayas of Suratul Baqara.
-          -Students read the surahs with proper Tajweed Walhamdulilah.

-        - Students learnt the numbers 1 and 2 through many activities and games.
-          -Students also had fun playing the math game “Bears in the Cave” provided in our new curriculum using dice and game pieces. 

-          -As we were talking about patience, our little scientists were very pleased to use the science lab and plant a carrot top. Students cut the top of a carrot, placed some stones in a container and added water. They enjoyed eating the healthy carrot afterwards.
-          - Students will visit the lab from time to time to check on their plant Insha’Allah.

-          -We are still working on the letter D.
-          -Alhamdulilah JK1 students are showing amazing improvement in terms of pencil grasp, tracing and writing age- appropriate writings.
-         - It is great news to know how much students are enjoying doing their homework.

-         - We (as much as possible) try to do an art/craft product everyday and we send it home. Please take the time to talk about it with your son/daughter and ask them how is that can be related to our theme.

Self Care:
-          Students now are much more dependent on how to:
-          -Dress/ undress self.
-          -Wash Hands without assistance.
-          -Care for toileting needs independently.
-          -We are now working on teaching students how to zip their jackets, put on their hats and mittens. Help form parents would be appreciated.