Sunday 25 November 2012

Weekly Update…. 

"He it is Who produceth gardens trellised and untrellised, and the date-palm, and crops of divers flavour, and the olive and the pomegranate, like and unlike. Eat ye of the fruit thereof when it fruiteth, and pay the due thereof upon the harvest day, and be not prodigal. Lo! Allah loveth not the prodigals". Quran

Circle time discussions:

We discussed the Harvest theme with our little ones and tried to relate it to Islam and how Allah blessed humanity with different types of foods and crops.

We read some stories related to the theme (Like: What’s for lunch, Moose, Amalia Bedilia and Howard Learns about Mud and Rainbow).

Sister Madleen, Jazaha Allahu Khyran, read a really nice story to our students called “I Love you Blue Kangaroo”. The students enjoyed listening to the story and afterwards they were given a coloring activity that was prepared by Sister Madleen.

Along with theme discussions we did the following:

-       Reviewed alphabet letters a-d (letter recognition, sound and sign language symbol).
-       Introduced the letter “e” through:  recognition, stories, playdough, tracing , writing and craft.

-          Trace/ write number 3.
-          Shapes patterns.
-          Weather Graph.
-          Count from 1-20.

-          Students worked on lacing some pictures.
-          Worked on the “Corn Cob Weaving” craft.

Physical Development/ Health:
-          Students enjoyed throwing plastic balls into baskets working as a team.
-          JK1 , JK2 and SK students had fun playing the “Vegetable Hunt” outside of the school.
Potatoes and onions were hidden under the play structure and students were digging and trying to look for them. Students found most of the vegetables, but we are still missing some!