Sunday 18 November 2012

Arabic Language Update from Teacher Salam:

Alphabet learning:
JK1 students reached the letter “حاء in their learning of the Arabic letters. And that was through the following:

Telling a story to highlight the letter, teach new vocabulary and good manners.

-         Shaping the letter with playdough.
-         Singing Nasheed (Dad lives in the farm أبي يسكن في المزرعة).
-         Tracing and coloring the letter.

Fine motor skills:
Students were taught how to grasp a pencil and how to start writing from right to left and from top to bottom.

New opposite words were taught (through physical movements) to students (up-down, front- back, right- left).
Most of the students memorized nasheed (Allah is one واحد هو ربي ). We are currently working on memorizing the days of the week’s nasheed.

Our expectations from the students at this time are:
-         To be able to recognize the names of the letters أ، ب، ت، ث ، ج ، ح and how to distinguish between them.

Your help and co-operation for keeping up with our students in learning the Arabic language is highly appreciated.